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When music hits you

you feel no pain

— Bob Marley

Without music, life would

be a mistake.

— Friedrich Nietzsche


the Music industry

— Guy Fletcher, OBE

New Internet Media

New Internet Media (NIM) leads an ecosystem of companies to reboot rights administration for digital content.

The ecosystem is removing intermediaries and making nano-payments possible.

More money, faster - to copyright owners...

MEDIA direct from IPFS

Proof of concept (POC): Music, video and picture/images as well as all code in this website is located on a distributed filesystem (IPFS) and served directly from there. However, to buy the file for download you will be taken to an external site due to server side handling (for now)!

Fallen Angel

Guy Fletcher

From Africa

Bianca K


Bianca K

NIM, CopyrightCoins and Guy Fletcher


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